Allo Maadjoa’s girlfriend dumps him over 1000 Ghana Cedis

 Allo Maadjoa’s girlfriend dumps him over 1000 Ghana Cedis

During the early hours of today, came across Allo Maadjoa’s video circulating on social media.

Upon listening to the conversation in the video, it was clear that Allo Maadjoa of the Allo Dancers Academy is getting dumped by a supposed caller, assuming to be his girlfriend

The heartbreaking side of the story is when Allo Maadjoa said “So you’ve had sex with him just because of 10 million?”

Such a weird conversation. At the end, it was clear that he has been dumped. This is because in the video, he was asking the caller “Nti wo agyai me” (so you’ve left me)

Upon discovering that he was being video, he tried to stop the person

In clear indication, Allo Maadjoa is been dumped by his girlfriend.

Watch the video below:

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