Breaking News; Kumerica (ASAKAA) pulls out of 3music scheme

 Breaking News; Kumerica (ASAKAA) pulls out of 3music scheme

Three days after 3music scheme board released the nominee list for the various nominees bieng contested, the Public Relations Officer (P.R.O) the Kumerican Movement and record label, Living Life Record have issued a statement through his social media handles for the public domain to know that all artists under Living Life Record have pulled out of the 3music award scheme due to some reasons as follows

  1. First of all, he stated that the scheme’s board have disrespect their artist by not communicating to the label or the artists before releasing the nominee list to the public domain
  2. Secondly, the scheme did not respect the Kumerican fan base
  3. Again, the categories which their artist were nominated for is a total insult to the Kumerican Movement
  4. More importantly, he emphasized that Kumerica isn’t for individual gains but for the love of their city (Kumasi)

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