Dada Hafco cries over the use of foreign contents in Ghana

 Dada Hafco cries over the use of foreign contents in Ghana

Highlife musician, Terry Boamah, well known as Dada Hafco, has expressed his displeasure over the influx of foreign contents in Ghana.

He bemoaned in a post sighted by on Facebook that these foreign contents are overshadowing the local ones.

Photo of Dada Hafco

Hafco said all this is happening due to systematic failure and lack of regulations.

If not checked, the ‘Are You Your Boyfriend’s Girlfriend’ composer stated that Ghanaians will be enslaved by foreign cultures.

Read his full post below

Let’s become Ghanaians first before any other thing.

Look into our space, radio, TV etc.

Foreign content is all over, overshadowing what we have been creating and manufacturing locally.

These days they even have telenovelas that have twi voice overs.

Ei, but if we wanted drama series that have been done in twi, why don’t we pay attention to the ones we have?

This has been going on for a long time, but would you blame anyone?

Remember when we were kids, the only time good meals are prepared or expensive meals are prepared is only when there’s a visitor in the house?

What were we being taught, or what was that all about?

Teaching us that the foreigner/visitor deserved better than our own?

That is what we have been paying the price for today.

Our system is so weak, no regulations, plus our people are not patriotic enough.

Very soon, we will be enslaved by other people’s culture.

Those who have let us down are our people in high places who get the chance to have a sit down with the president.

They do not tell him the truth of whats actually on the ground simply because they go looking for positions and favours so they don’t actually paint the proper picture of what’s going on.

How can we have this mindset in the year 2021?

Something must change, we need to wake up (In Wendy Shay’s voice)

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