Flowking Stone finally speaks with regards to his brother Kunta Kinta’s stroke

Rapper, Flowking Stone believes there’s a mystery surrounding his brother, Kunta Kinte’s prolonged stroke.

He says that they are still yet to unravel the mystery behind the rapper’s development of stroke.

According to Flowking Stone, a number of visits have been made to medical facilities to find answers but all have reached dead ends.

Speaking exclusively to Kwesi Live on Univers’ ‘Spot On’ show on Instagram live, Flowking Stone disclosed that numerous laboratories tests have been undertaken but none could pinpoint the exact cause of the stroke.

Kunta Kinte suffered from the horrific stroke a few months after their new single, ‘Simple’ became a nationwide hit. The brothers won the award for the Most Popular Song of the Year at the 2010 Ghana Music Awards.

He went ahead to explain how he got the news and his reaction in the video below.



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