I’m the new face of Dancehall in Ghana- J Derobie

 I’m the new face of Dancehall in Ghana- J Derobie

Ghanaian Award-winning artiste J Derobie has claimed that he’s the New Face Of Ghana Dancehall Music in an interview with NY DJ on Yfm 102.5 Kumasi.

The Poverty hitmaker made this claims to counter criticisms that he doesn’t look like a musician who is doing Dancehall.

J Derobie feather explained to NY DJ on Ryse N Shyne on Yfm 102.5 that, People say I don’t look like a dancehall artiste but I just feel I am a new look to them. This is a different person. Dancehall comes in different ways and I am one of them .

He also added that, I am not going to change from me because I do dancehall and people expect me to look a certain way. I portray the other side of what other dancehall artistes should be like

J Derobie highlighted that, When I mount stages, it is a different situation altogether. I am not my calm self at all. The music and crowd is something that drives me.

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