Some Ghanaian celebrities live fake lives – Martha Ankomah

 Some Ghanaian celebrities live fake lives – Martha Ankomah

Actress Martha Ankomah condemned colleagues who had fake lives on social media.

According to her, most celebrities in Ghana are lying and it is time to stop letting young people think it is a lie.

The actress speaking on the Accra-based Kingdom FM said that it takes time for people to be the center of attention, but recent trends have made young people feel that it takes a month or two to become a star and make big money. acting.

So, and if they don’t see that they engage in all kinds of despicable behaviors when participating, they can also show off their lifestyle on social media.

For her, celebrities mostly wear dresses that people give them, so people should understand this and should not be forced to live like them.

“I saw a lot of things on social media pages. Most people live a fake life on social media. Some of us get things for free, so when we put them on, you will see us advertising, so if you don’t post information for the people who follow you, you will see this woman selling things, And there is a young girl at home. When you write hard and work hard, you are deceiving your child. Let people know that you have other business.

Let people know that your annoyance is what makes you take a first-class flight. Because your lifestyle puts pressure on young people. If we are not sincere about what the people do to us, then they will not put pressure on themselves to do what we do. “

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