Student of UCC captured preparing kokonte for his girlfriend

 Student of UCC captured preparing kokonte for his girlfriend

A student from the University of Cape Coast who returned to school recently has been seen in a video that is fast going viral cooking for his girlfriend. A video obtained by from the Instagram handle of Mrkwakye9, the gentleman was preparing the beloved Ghanaian dish called kokonte.

It was clear that his girlfriend did not know how to make the meal herself, for which reason she was heard screaming behind the camera, “aww…I’m recording so I can learn it”.

The roommates of the gentleman’s girlfriend could not keep calm as they kept screaming that the young man was simply so romantic to be doing what he was doing.

One of them even used the opportunity to tell one of the girls that she would die of hunger because her boyfriend is not able to cook as the one in the video can.

Although his name is not disclosed, it is confirmed from the video that the gentleman is affiliated to the Casford Hall in the University of Cape Coast.

Watch the video below:

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