This is what you should do when you come across a snake,don’t run

 This is what you should  do when you come across a snake,don’t run

Snakes are very dangerous animals that have done more harm than good that can mostly be found in bushes and sometimes snakes in the house or compound are not harmful to them.

All snakes lack external limbs, but not all legless reptiles are snakes. Certain burrowing lizards may have only front or hind limbs or be completely legless. Unlike lizards, snakes lack movable eyelids, which results in a continuous and often disconcerting stare. Snakes also lack external ear openings. Internally, they have lost the urinary bladder.

In case you found a snake anywhere, you should simply take the following steps.

Note : What to do depends on the location of the snake.
1: The first thing you should do when you’ve found a snake in the bush or around the side of the road is to adjust back and observe the snake’s movement carefully for a few minutes, but if you decide to take the snake to your heels (run) you don’t have to run Zig-Zagly, if you don’t want to run just keep a safe distance, don’t do anything to disturb the snake and watch the snake.

2: Now if you found the snake outside in your building, it’s unlikely the snake will stay there, it will certainly leave because the snake belongs to the bush. Then, keeping a safe distance is the only remedy.

3: Located inside or within your compound. Building the snake will probably leave because the snakes will definitely be looking for an escape route that will simply open every exit in the house so that the snake can go out.


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