Wendy Shay uses her house key as earring

 Wendy Shay uses her house key as earring

Wendy Shay has confirmed that she now uses her house key as an earring.

During an interview with ZionFelix on the ‘Uncut’ Show, the Rufftown Records signee gave weird reasons for doing that.

Photo Of Wendy Shay

She said artistry is a lifestyle and you shouldn’t let only the music speak for you.

The ‘Pray For The World’ singer stated that she wants to live a legacy or lifestyle that people will use to remember her.

She believes she won’t be forgotten for using her key as an earring.

Additionally, Wendy Shay said using her key as an earring will safeguard it from missing.

She stressed the importance for artistry to be the lifestyle of every musician—not music alone.

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